20.10 – 18 Uhr / Siebdruckparty, Küfa, Konzert „Elritschi“

Liebe Freund*innen,
heute bieten wir euch ein ganzheitliches Kulturprogramm:

Um 18 Uhr öffnen wir unsere Siebdruckwerkstatt, hier könnt ihr euch ausgewählte Motive auf eure Klamotten drucken und mal in den Alltag einer offenen Werkstatt reinschnuppern.

Ab 20 Uhr gibt es saisonale, vegane Küfa und im Anschluss,

ab 20:30 Uhr spielt „Elritschi“ aus der Schweiz für euch ein Konzert in Akustik.

Danach ist die Bühne offen für eine akustische Jamsession.

Wir freuen uns auf euch!

09.09 16 Uhr Sunday Matinee

From 4pm on stage:

– “You don’t have to be able to play an instrument or be a musical person, just come by regularly” …that was the initial slogan of the Berlin-based band Mumbles. Mumbles were born out of a desperate need to do anyhow music-making. After a couple of band transformations, they ended up with a pile of pretty unique songs, blending dewy-eyed ambitions and unspoiled skills with a good portion of fuckoff-punkish attitude.
Mumbles like making noise, pom-poms, cakes, dance, scream and shout. Mumbles are going to present a special acoustic set as duo/trio


– Do you remember Razor Cunts and Eyelashes? Well, Rorschach Bruises are somewhere in that direction. In other words: If you fold a bruise in half you get twice as many teeth marks! Rorschach Bruises make noises with nintendo, cello, tarot, magic boxes, grubby queer poems, and general howling at the moon. They can’t spell their own name but they’re probably wearing really good outfits.

– Mein Haus are pathetic duo of sorrowful violin and timid cello. Their music has been classified as boring, predictable, and only really suitable for hotel lounges. The group was inspired to form after attending a splendid performance by the inimitable 2CELLOS in the Old Oak Pub in London, NW5.
Check out their debut album DO YOU THINK I’M BLIND? here: https://meinhaus.bandcamp.com/releases