Opening Exhibition: „Nuvolette“ by El Rugi


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  • Vetomat
  • 5. Mai 2023
  • Freitag, 7PM to 11PM

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Opening Exhibition: „Nuvolette“ by El Rugi

Wühlischstr. 42

Freitag, 7PM to 11PM
5. Mai 2023


„NUVOLETTE“ – Exhibition El Rughi

If the grey and overcast weather in Berlin has worn you out, then the exhibition “NUVOLETTE” by the eclectic artist El Rughi will not disappoint you.

His psychedelic and colorful art evokes surreal visions that seem to puff like smoke from magic cigarettes, while also addressing important social themes. The works on display in this exhibition represent an explosion of creativity and originality, irony and humor combined with a sharp and expert style that will leave you breathless.

Come and discover “NUVOLETTE” and let yourself be conquered by El Rughi’s unique style.

The Vernissage also serves as a kickoff-gathering for the festival ‚comic invasion‘!