meditation workshop


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  • Vetomat
  • 17. November 2023
  • Freitag, 5PM to 7PM

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meditation workshop

Wühlischstr. 42

Freitag, 5PM to 7PM
17. November 2023


🌈 🌺 Greetings to all seekers of self-discovery and growth! 

As a Personal Development Coach specializing in guiding individuals on an inner journey of homecoming, 

I invite you to join our unique workshop this weekend.

 🧘‍♀️ **What to Expect:** 

– Guided meditation to connect with your inner self.

– Activating your energy centers for holistic well-being. 

– Exploring specific emotions using hypnosis, family constellations, channeling, guided meditation, NLP techniques, and theta healing. 

– Engaging exercises to play with and understand these emotions. 

– Journaling session to deepen your connection and uncover the wisdom within.

I, your guide, am committed to transparency in service. I work with universal laws and always seek your consent when dealing with your energy. 

My approach is rooted in authenticity and respect for your personal journey. 💖 

*Workshop Details:* 

Date: 17.11.2023

Time: 17:00 CET (about 2 hours)

**Donation Basis:** – This workshop operates on the principles of the heart and willingness.

 **Claim Your Spot:** Connect with yourself, explore emotions, and align with positive affirmations crafted just for you. Be part of a community that values personal growth and mutual support. 📩 

**Reserve Your Space Today: limited to 15 spots**

Thank you, Pooja