Design Your Own Cult!


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  • 14. November 2019
  • Donnerstag, 7PM to 11PM

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Design Your Own Cult!

Donnerstag, 7PM to 11PM
14. November 2019


Cult of Signs

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Design Your Own Cult!

Donnerstag, 7PM to 11PM
14. November 2019


Cult of Signs, Creative Workshops 2019.

The workshops are small, relaxed social events (with music, bar and art materials) hosted by me, Mark Angelo (graphic designer SP23/Spiral Tribe). We discuss how advertising, propaganda and belief systems use archetypal imagery to manipulate the subconscious, and develop our own awareness and resilience through critical analysis. We reclaim the symbolism using our own creative powers. Each participant develops their own ideas from the early design process through to finished screen prints.

Every 3 months we have the opportunity to have an exhibition of our work (and, of course, a little vernissage party!).

No screen printing experience is necessary.
All abilities are welcome (we have both beginners and professional artists regularly attending)
Entry is free. Participation in the workshops is donation based.
Every Thursday* 19:00 – 23:00. Drop in any time we’re open.
* There maybe the occasional Thursday when the workshops may not be on. Please check first on the Cult of Signs FB page or website.