Graphix Clash Berlin | Vernissage

An open invitation to exhibit your art

The Graphix Clash Poster Show will be a collection of new posters created by different artists that celebrate and define underground dance music culture, past, present and future. The collection will be exhibited in Berlin and we hope to publish the best works in a special edition book.

Just as a ‘Sound Clash’ is the place where enthusiasts can turn up the volume and show off their skills, so ‘Graphix Clash’ is of the same mighty spirit. There are no winners, just an opportunity for each artist to add their creative energy to the event and shout out their visual message to our world-wide community.

The creator and curator of the project is Mark Angelo Harrison, graphic artist of the Spiral Tribe Sound System and SP23.

Mark says, ‘The flyers, posters, sleeve-art, décor, tattoos and DIY fashions are an integral part of the culture we love. Our music and its images resonate around the world – a powerful language without words. The music is loud and the graphics silent, but they too carry a signal which embodies the energy of the movement, from the simplest sound system logo or event-publicity to inspiring calls of unity, transition, defiance and rebellion.’

‘This exhibition is inviting artists to create a poster that expresses what they feel about that culture, past, present – and what is its possible future? It’s a chance for us all to reflect on what our culture means to us, and what kind of future we want to help bring into being’.

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in exhibiting a poster at the Graphix Clash Poster Show, Berlin 2019, please contact us for all the important technical details at!

We have limited space so please register your interest early.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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