Final Girls Berlin Film Festival

Hysteria and Demonic Possession: A Psychoanalytic Investigation

Mary Wild leads a talk that focuses on cinematic representations of demonic possession as a manifestation of unresolved unconscious conflict. Iconic depictions of possession are startlingly similar to fits of hysteria, where language no longer functions normally. Words, memories, experiences and impulses become ‘trapped’ in the interior psychic space, forced under house-arrest in the hysteric’s body, and manifesting in chilling ways.

About the instructor: Mary Wild is the creator of the PROJECTIONS lecture series at Freud Museum London, applying psychoanalysis to film interpretation.

Final Girls Berlin Film Festival showcases horror cinema directed, written, or produced by women. We are committed to creating space for female voices and visions, whether monstrous or heroic, in the horror genre. We are lashing against the tokenization of women as objects and beautified victims, and are working towards the primacy of women as subjects in horror.
** Our definition of women includes anyone with female experience –past or present– and is trans-inclusive. Anyone who feels addressed by the term is welcome to submit their films to the festival. **

Das Final Girls Berlin Film Festival präsentiert Horror-Kino, in welchem Frauen Regie geführt haben, und Filme, die von Frauen geschrieben oder produziert wurden. Wir wollen einen Raum für weibliche Stimmen und Perspektiven im Horror-Genre schaffen, ganz gleich ob monströs oder heroisch. Wir stellen uns gegen die Tokenisierung von Frauen als Objekten oder aufgehübschten Opfern und wollen Frauen als Subjekte im Horror-Genre präsentieren.

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