13.06. Pökü & Experimental Music Night feat. Ruhestoerung & Teresa Riemann

Ruhestoerung recently launched a solo show after playing in bands of different weird genres for years. Interested in more access to harmonies and melodies than so far as a drummer, the result of my creativity without the interference of anyone else is a mixture of poppy piano parts, folky guitars and occasional noisy oscillating experiments, all carried out on equipment as basic as possible.

NotorischeRuhestoerung (Link geht zu blogsport.de)

Teresa Riemann presents a mixture of experimental music, chanson, punk, jazz and 70’s nowave. The influences of both Tom Waits and Diamanda Galas can not be denied. Her music is nothing to just listen to, but to experience by letting all emotions float through your perceptive body and mind.

Teresa Riemann (Link geht zu blogsport.de)

Doors open at 7:00 pm
Concerts start around 8:00 pm
We serve a warm meal during the concert.