07.04. 19 Uhr Ponderosa 2018 Launch

Ponderosa will be l a u n c h i n g the whole Ponderosa 2018 program — and the brand-new Ponderosa logo! And also, we will launch the Ponderosa 2018 membership call — now with super-cool free hand-made screen-printed cotton tote bags! (More on that soon!)

And that, of course, is not all — there will be performances, there will be DJs, there will be laughing, and singing, and revelry, and merrymaking until the wee small hours.

With performances and offerings from:
– Peter Pleyer
– Stephanie Maher
– Jessie Layne Tuddenham
– Agnė Auželytė
…and a special open-mic moment for spontaneous contributions

All accompanied by effervescent sounds from our crack team of beat scientists — more details coming soon!

The doors open at 7pm, with performances from 9pm.