17.03. 20 Uhr Comedy auf Deuglish

Comedy auf Deuglish is coming back!

Join us for one hell of an awesome night!

Please be there on time to reserve seats.
Show is donations based

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Caroline Clifford Comedy

Our headliner is the hilarious Caroline Clifford! Caroline started her comedic journey in 2006 at Logan Murray’s world famous stand-up comedy class. From there she quickly became one of the best new acts on the London circuit, becoming finalist in the Amused Moose, Funny Women and So You Think You’re Funny competitions. Everyone had such high hopes for her! But she decided to quit comedy and head to BERLIN!

That is until she found Berlin’s fledgling (at the time) English comedy scene. It’s amazing how much it’s grown over the years, She likes to think she had a significant part in nurturing it at her teat.

She now co-runs the rather spiffing We Are Not Gemüsed, she also improvises a whole bunch at Comedy Cafe Berlin and has done shows all over Europe and it’s all going very well. Now she even teaches comedy, so that’s nice…

Ivan Thieme

Ivan ist das jüngste Nachwuchstalent in der Berliner Comedy Szene. Obwohl der gebürtige Ukrainer schon seit zwei Jahren die Berliner Bühnen zum Lachen bringt steht er nicht nur am Anfang seiner Comedy Karriere, sondern auch am Anfang seines Lebens. Deshalb ist es umso spannender den 21 Jährigen dabei zu beobachten wie er die Flut an neuen Erfahrungen auf der Bühne verarbeitet. Egal ob beim Einkaufen oder auf einem Date, Ivan weiß wie er den scheinbar langweiligen Alltag als Prämisse nutzt um seine ganz eigene Sicht auf Dinge zu beschreiben.

Rohit Bhatia Comedy

Rohit quickly made a mark in Berlin’s comedy scene with his acerbic wit and thought-provoking material. He has spent the last four years of his life immigrating to Germany – a process that still has not reached its conclusion.

He has performed in cities across Germany, India, Vietnam, Sweden and Finland. A regular on Berlin’s comedy circuit, his notable performances include an appearance at the English Theatre Berlin. His observations about life in Europe have evoked joy, mirthfulness, empathy and, on occasions, manic rage. His material covers a wide variety of topics including race-relations, cultural appropriation, foreign policy, immigration, and how to deal with the police. Some people have mistaken him as a guru of sorts.

Rohit worked for a decade as a daily news reporter before he moved to Germany. He holds a Master’s Degree in English Literature. He has been interviewed by BBC Radio and The Guardian newspaper for his efforts at comedy and immigration.

Doro Fesel

Doro ist eine Stand up-Comedienne aus Berlin. Sie kann aber auch richtige Sachen wie Journalismus, Texten und Drehbuchschreiben. Doro war zweifache Jugendmeisterin im Orgasmus-Vortäuschen, deshalb erkennt sie gefaktes Lachen sofort. Außerdem hat sie einen Sohn und zwei ungezeugte Töchter von fünf verschiedenen Männern…

Jonas Imam